Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stacey and Leon

The weather was amazing for Stacey and Leon's day, we couldn't have asked for better! From the very start of the day at the hairdressers it was just so relaxed, everything flowed perfectly and all was calm. It was such an honour to share in this special day, it was so much fun. Of course every bridal party has that one person you love to tease which creates "my" fun and this time that person was "Scott". Great memories of a great day. Stacey and Leon had the most amazing honeymoon and I loved seeing them again and hearing about all the wonderful things they had seen and done. Love and best wishes to you both for your future together as Mr and Mrs Derby! (I very much look forward to seeing you both again when its baby time! Hopefully its not too many years away!) xx

© Photography With Prue